Friday, May 14, 2010

Predictive Analytics for Marketing

In the past couple of years the light has gone off and companies have started to finally value what predictive analytics and data visualization can do for their marketing efforts. Now these tools have expanded beyond the realm of direct marketing and they have begun to permeate to other fertile grounds where there is sufficient data to be mined.

Laura Patterson and have done a great job of summarizing the most commonly used predictive analytics tools when it comes to marketing. Check out the link.

Thursday, May 6, 2010, Chatter, and Competitive Intelligence

We are exceptionally excited to use the new offering, Chatter, once it launches. Why? Because it has the potential to be an incredible platform for gathering and disseminating competitive intelligence. If it is half as cool as the presentation, it will run circles around Share Point and the other current offerings.

Take a look...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Beating the Odds as a New Venture

We are spending more and more time working with companies on the far left end of the growth curve. These are nascent enterprises that are fueled by a great idea and a desire to shake up the market place. They are enterprises that are willing to take risks in their journey of growth.

Fellow BYU alum Clark Gilbert writes a great piece for the Harvard Business Review here.
It explains that while there are many risks naturally inherent in starting a new venture, most of the successful ones are able to identify certain risks and manage them. By discovering and managing their myriad risks they are able to see a better overall result.

One of the big risks that can be minimized? A proper understanding of one's competitive environment. Hint, Hint....just sayin'.