Monday, March 15, 2010

Tough Times and the Competition

Here is a portion of an interview given by Paul Kinsinger that is featured in the most recent edition of McKinsey Quarterly. He is a long-time pioneer in the field of Competitive Intelligence and a personal favorite professor from my days at Thunderbird.

Here is the link

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Analytics at Work

We often refer our clients and potential clients to the great Davenport/Harris work, "Competing on Analytics". It does an incredible job of explaining the value generated by creating a culture of analysis that can be understood by the average executive.

Davenport has recently created a follow-up and we can't wait to see how it can add value to our engagements. If it is half as informative as the original we will be more than satisfied.

Check out this recent interview(link below) with Mr. Davenport and then head over to to make your purchase. The fate of your company might rest on your ability to leverage your data for strategic gain.

Interview: Moving On With Analytics